Oceanside Village Artists Gallery

Wonderful gallery, consisting of 35 artists, some of the best on the island with something for everyone.

Along with coming into the gallery, you may get to meet one of your favourite artists!

From day to day this gallery is run by artists working for the artist. Everything is made by the heart, mind, soul and hands by these awesome people.

Each time you come in there will be something new as each week the artists change out their work.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Watch for special events at the gallery starting March 1, 2014. In the summer there will be live demos from the artists. Bring your family, friends and even your fur babies, we'd love to show you all that is new and exciting!

Metal Artist Painters
Jay Holbrook
Red Cod Forge
Dan Gray
Patt Scrivener
Sean Rebar
Dave Taylor
Susan Schaefer
Michael Schutte
Sheryl Sawchuk
Jewellers Stone Sculptors
Leanne Helin
Ruth Lafontaine
Affinity Stone Jewelry & Design
Mike Rebar
Sean Rebar & Jai Kealy
Potters Wood Workers
Gordon Hutchens
Janet Moe, Richard Lonsdale
Larry Aguilar & Dee Aguilar
Courtney Powell
Jay Holbrook
Andrew Kent
QB Arts (Val and Jai Kealy)
Gourd Artist Dolls
Jessey LaFontaine Els Schutte
Antler/Ivory Carver Photographers
Bruce Bird Ted Willcox
Randy Hall
Glass Artists  
Ted Jolda & Carolyn Lutz
Yolanda Anderson.

1080 Resort Drive, Parksville, BC V9P 2E3, Canada
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